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Paulina’s garden of spices

If you ever get to stay at Villa Paulina, you will just love the garden. Full of spices and flowers it emanates a specific scent around the house, so we’re writing this post to help you pick the right ones to season your food or freshen up your room. Oh, bear in mind that picking a handful of aromatic herbs is not forbidden in Croatia, but if you intend to pull it out with roots and plant it back home you might get shouted at, as a lot of illegal pickers stripped the coast naked of immortelle (we call it smee-le around here).

Oregano grows in small bushes with tiny, bit fuzzy and sweet smelling leaves. You’ll find it just above the pool in the garden. You can in fact smell it :)

It is best used in tomato based dishes, like pasta sauces or on a pizza. If you want to use it fresh, best thing to do is pick the leaves of the stalks and just tear them up with your fingers a bit.

Laurel (aka bay leaf) is the huge tree next to the entrance of the house. Before you leave, cut of a branch or two and take it with you as a souvenir and seasoning for cooking. If you want, make a wreath you can rest on during your stay with us.

Rosemary is the most common herb in the coastal Adriatic, growing everywhere. If you get to barbecuing some meat or fish, pluck a small branch and use it as a brush for spreading olive oil over your meat or fish. The gentle flavour of rosemary will infuse the food just right. Mmm…makes my mouth water.

Herbs in bundle on brown wooden background, close up