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Things to do

If you ever get to stay at Villa Paulina, you will just love the garden. Full of spices and flowers it emanates a specific scent around the house, so we’re writing this post to help you pick the right ones to season your food or freshen up your room. Oh, bear in mind ...

is easily reachable by ferry and famous for its sword dance, Moreška, a mock battle over the fate of a veiled young woman. There are other great things, special local wines (Grk) and winemakers…take our word for it. Well worth the visit.

is known for its oysters, first farmed here by Romans. (be warned, they taste best when the water is cold, so summer might not be perfect) No worries, there are plenty of other kinds of shellfish served fresh from the sea.

is a 65 kilometers long peninsula and Croatian wine country. Most of the strong, dry Dalmatian reds worth trying originate from the region. Winemakers of note are Frane Miloš, Mare Bura and Korta Katarina.

is hiding a monastery on a tiny island in the middle of a brackish water lake. Great for bike rides, walks, fishing and everything in between. Just do not buy home made liqueurs sold by old ladies at the side of the road. Why? Well, what do you think happened to ...

A 500-year-old Gothic-Renaissance park with a 15th-century summer villa and Baroque fountain fed from a 70-metre aqueduct, decorated with figures of Neptune and nymphs is only 3 kilometers away from the Old Town.

are just a short boat ride from the Old Town, are full of pristine beaches, like Šunj on the island of Lopud, covered in fine, white sand. For extreme silence try the island of Koločep.

is not so much a beach, as a hole in the wall where you can nip for a dip while exploring the Old Town. You are sure to see it of the top of the walls, while doing the rounds. It has “Private my ass” written all over the rocks where you will soak up...

is part pebble, part gravel and all fun with parachute boat rides, water chutes, canoes, jet skis, pedalos and banana rides for rent. Naturists should follow a path down to a Cava beach.

a beach were sun will keep you warm until late in the evening. View of the Old Town bathing in gold of its rays as it sets is out of this world. Bring a camera. Really.