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Story of Paulina

Built in 1936. for Dr. Milicevic and his wife Paulina, this beautiful example of modern architecture survived two wars almost intact due to dedication of Mrs. Paulina Milicevic and her loyal maid, whose grandchildren now run the estate.

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Being members of the upper crust people, skiing in Austria and Italy in the winter, sailing and playing tennis in their free time, Paulina and her husband were not ordinary people. They were the bright young ones, owned a car, travelled the world.


Rubbing elbows with the rich and famous of the time and the region, their house was well known for its hospitality and parties.


Paulina’s brothers, two naval captains shared the responsibilities, so one of them went to the USA to become a rich shipper, while the other took care of the family.


The history of this house is amazingly rich and spans two wars and a lot of happiness and grief.